17 Places To Go If You're Looking For The Laziest Vacation Ever

Travel bloggers share their top recommendations for vacation spots that are super cozy and conducive to laziness.

I like lazy vacations and I cannot lie.

It’s a funny thing to say, at least right now, because I’m currently knee-deep in planning my itinerary for a Paris trip that’s already a little too jampacked. On weeknights, you’ll find me vigorously highlighting my Rick Steves guidebook and taking notes on local bistros from the Paris episodes of “The Mind of a Chef.”

But all of this planning has got me thinking back on one of my favorite vacations ― one that I hardly planned for: a low-key, leisurely weeklong trip to Portland, Oregon.

“Portland,” the joke from “Portlandia” goes, is “where young people go to retire.” And so, for one whole week, I channeled my inner retiree, puttering around town, drinking sour beers (shoutout to Cascade Brewing), browsing comic book stores and brunching as much as humanly possible.

It was, indeed, my laziest vacation. And maybe one of my best because of that. In the spirit of the lazy vacation, I reached out to travel bloggers and asked them to share vacation spots they love because the places are cozy, rank high on the hygge scale or are just generally conducive to laziness.

Below, see their chilled-out recs.

Ketchikan, Alaska
"Ketchikan has breweries, fireplaces, hot chocolate and warm fires. I also really loved it because there is a small local community, so when you go into a bar or restaurant, you aren't in a sea of tourists. Plus, there are a lot of things to do if you love nature. Find some beautiful accommodation, go with someone you love, and it is guaranteed to be a cozy, slow, beautiful trip." — Amanda Black, founder of The Solo Female Traveler Network
Koh Lanta, Thailand
"For the laziest holiday ever, I recommend Thailand. Whether you prefer beaches or mountains, there's a perfect location for you. Try Pai for the most chilled-out mountain town you can dream of, or visit Koh Lanta for blissed-out beaches. Thailand is perfect for the lazy traveler because it already has an entire industry built around making you feel like a king or queen. No matter what your budget, everyone can afford a little luxury. The hardest decision you will face is which hammock to lay in and whether to take a lazy dip in the ocean." — Lucy Ruthnum, travel blogger at Absolutely Lucy
Bonavista in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
"We visited Newfoundland for the first time this year and absolutely loved the Bonavista area. The town itself has cute and quaint businesses and restaurants to enjoy and the coast is absolutely stunning. The laid-back lifestyle makes you slow down to just enjoy the views and company that you're with. You can even take a short drive to see one of the puffin colonies in the area." — Jacob Fu, blogger at Local Adventurer
Amalfi Coast, Italy
"The Amalfi Coast is great in all seasons. In fall, it's really quiet and quaint, making it the ideal location to get cozy while eating some delicious Italian food." — Andrea Di Filippo, co-founder of Pretty Little London
Kawaguchiko, Fuji, Japan
"Autumn is at its best in Japan in November. It is called koyo season or momiji. The atmosphere has no equivalent. There are red colors everywhere. Imagine enjoying your time in an onsen (hot spring bath) in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) with a view to the mountains and red maple leaves everywhere." — Loïc Lagarde, a French photographer and travel blogger
Cambria, California
"Cambria is an ideal spot for a relaxing vacation because it is one of the most laid-back locations on the California coast. Most of the popular hotels are right across from the beach so you don't have to walk far to sit on the sand. There's a nice walking path that takes you into town. If you drive into town, it's less then five minutes and it has some great restaurants that make awesome food but also adhere to the relaxed atmosphere of the area. If you want a nice coastal vacation with as little work as possible, check it out." — Josh McNair, creator of the travel blog and YouTube channel California Through My Lens
Saariselkä, Finland
"This is the perfect location for a lazy, cozy couple or friends getaway. In the winter you can stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort where you can take part in winter activities, such as riding horses, snowmobiling through the snow-capped forests or just relaxing in an open-air hot tub under the stars! This is the coziest winter getaway. After the day's activities, you can snuggle up with hot mulled wine by the fireside in a wooden lodge or in your glass igloo, gazing up at the northern lights." — Becky van Dijk, blogger at We Are Travel Girls
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
"Along with its bars, events, parties and boutique shops, Puerto Vallarta is famous for its cool, lazy beaches where most people just chill out during the day. We sure did and loved every minute! Our favorite beach in Puerto Vallarta is Los Muertos which has several excellent beach clubs nearby like Mantamar, Blue Chairs and Sapphire. The ultimate form of hygge-ness in Puerto Vallarta is to rent a boat for the day with a group of friends and sail along the coastline." — Stefan Arestis, blogger at Nomadic Boys, a gay travel blog
Big Sur, California
"Big Sur has a lot going for it: sparkling purple sand beaches, an iconic beach waterfall, and towering redwood trees that smell like your favorite candle. It's the ideal hygge destination! Spend the day relaxing in nature or take a short drive to the beach or waterfall. Then, set up camp next to a trickling stream, light a campfire and cozy up with your favorite book ... or beau." — Alyssa Ramos, blogger at My Life's A Travel Movie
The Lake District, U.K.
"The Lake District has castles, cottages, mansions and nature that inspired famous poets like William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. Sample the famous gingerbread in Grasmere and warm up with Cartmel’s renowned sticky toffee pudding. And at the end of it all, get cozy under a blanket, stick on a flick and enjoy a hot chocolate in your wooded haven." — Charlotte Swinnerton, blogger at The Millennial Runaway
Henne Strand, Denmark
"Just less than four hours away from Copenhagen lies Henne Strand, a wonderland of rolling sand dunes covered in gently swaying golden grass and facing a wonderful coast. A few daffodils spring up here and there, too, adding another layer of gold to the landscape. It’s the kind of coastal experience that can be equally wonderful at any time of year, whether it’s warm or cold. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, but never boring. I recommend renting a beautiful beach house nestled in gorgeous dunes and spending a week reading, cooking and mastering hygge. If you feel like getting out, you can go on a foodie adventure, spend a couple of hours at the spa or cycle (electric bikes, no less!) along the coast." — Kristin Addis, blogger at Be My Travel Muse
San Blas Islands, Panama
"We spend so much of our day checking our phones, reading text messages and scrolling through social media. But in the San Blas Islands, you get to completely disconnect. Some of the resorts don't have internet or Wi-Fi, so you have no choice but to put down your phone. It makes you enjoy the beauty of the islands and the people you're traveling with so much more. If you want to enjoy a chill, local experience in a place that's largely off the grid, the San Blas Islands are for you!" — David Hoffmann, blogger at David's Been Here
Adare Village, West Ireland
"Adare Village is a picturesque village close to Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland. It's often referred to as Ireland's prettiest village, brimming with beautiful traditional Irish cottages, cozy cafes, high-end restaurants and charming pubs. Definitely take a nice walk along the River Maigue. Adare is also home to two beautiful hotels, Adare Manor and Dunraven Arms. The former has recently been voted one of the world's most beautiful hotels by Condé Nast Traveler and the latter is less pricey but extremely cozy and welcoming." — Siobhan Ferguson, the founder and editor of Instagram accounts @prettycitylondon and @theprettycities
Winnipeg, Canada
"While Winnipeg is great for an active holiday, it's ideal for a lazy holiday, too. Stay at the historic Fort Garry Hotel and spend a day at its Ten Spa, or head to The Forks nearby for great food and drink. An afternoon at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights next door to The Forks is also a must. No matter the weather, Thermëa, a Nordic spa, is perfect for lounging the day away and taking advantage of the many saunas and pools. And then there are Winnipeg's many fantastic breweries, including Nonsuch, Barn Hammer, Little Brown Jug, Brazen Hall and One Great City. If you're looking for a relaxing, cozy holiday, Winnipeg has it all." — Brenna Holeman, blogger and freelance writer at This Battered Suitcase
Lofoten, Norway
"Lofoten is everything you want in a quaint Norwegian getaway: old fisherman’s cabins converted to modern bungalows, charming seaside restaurants and jaw-dropping views of the fjords. Cozy up with a cup of coffee or spend the afternoon in a nearby sauna (there’s no shortage of them here!)." — Selena Taylor, travel blogger at Find Us Lost
Chicago, Illinois
"Go to Chicago! The food is amazing; it’s one of the best foodie places I’ve ever been. There are so many great restaurants, bars and lounges that one visit to the Second City won’t be enough. And even in the cold weather, it’s a good place to Uber around town. It takes about 15 minutes to get from neighborhood to neighborhood and each one offers something different. Also, the city has an amazing skyline with views of Lake Michigan all around. Plus, it's one of the most architecturally diverse places you’ll ever see." — Ashlee Tuck, founder and editor-in-chief of Will Drink For Travel
Bruges, Belgium
"Bruges is a perfect place to have a lazy and cozy vacation. It's not too big, so it's easy to walk around, but if you're too lazy for that, then you can see the city from the water by booking the Bruges canal tour. It's also a perfect place for beer, chocolate and waffle lovers as these are the things Belgium is most known for, food-wise! You can find a lot of cozy breweries where you can try different of types of delicious Belgian beer while overlooking the canals." — Polina Burashnikova, a shopper owner and travel blogger at Polabur

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