Le Castagne's $26,000 Truffle Dinner Gets A Buyer In Entrepreneur JT Foxx

One Man Is Paying A LOT For Dinner

It better be good: Philadelphia restaurant Le Castagne has found a buyer for its $26,000 truffle dinner for four.

JT Foxx, founder of the "wealth networking" company Mega Partnering, has purchased the nine-course meal, the restaurant announced Tuesday.

"After reading about it, I couldn't dial Le Castagne fast enough to be the first to purchase this ultra-exclusive, one-of-a-kind $26,000 truffle dinner," Foxx said in a press release.

Anthony Masapollo, managing partner Le Castagne, promised Foxx and his three guests "an extraordinary culinary experience they will never forget."

Foxx and Co. will chow down on an undisclosed date in December.

The feast features several dishes containing white truffles -- a delicacy that reportedly can cost more than $6,000 a pound -- plus a 47mm Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanio watch valued at around $11,000 (not suitable for eating).

Although Foxx had to pre-pay, he'll have to fork over a little extra the day of the meal. The tip is not included.

Click here to check out Le Castagne's $26,000 dinner menu.

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