Le Parcel: Tampon Delivery Service Debuts

Now Your Tampons Will Come To You, Incognito And With Chocolate

Imagine it: a life in which you never, ever have to run out and buy "feminine hygiene" products again.

A company called Le Parcel now offers to deliver tampons and pads to you each month, along with some chocolate and a handy mystery gift. Users simply select which brands and products they prefer, enter their cycle's expected start date, and wait for the goods to be delivered right to their front doors incognito (unless the service really takes off, in which case everyone will know what "Le Parcel" contains).

le parcel tampon delivery

TechCrunch blogger Jordan Crook noted the convenience of such a service, writing: "If ever there was a consumer product suited for monthly subscriptions, it would be tampons. It only takes one midnight trip to the pharmacy for you to agree with me."

Several Twitter users seem excited about Le Parcel, which costs $15 per month.

Others on Twitter were less enamored of the concept, or simply found it hilarious:

The company's tagline? "Nature's gift stinks, so we give you a better one."

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