Lea DeLaria Can Make You Feel Butch Without All Of The Hard Work

There's no swag like butch swag.

Have there been times when you wanted to boast your lesbian pride from the rooftops without actually having to go to any rooftops? Lea DeLaria’s new fragrance, Butch, will do exactly that. 

The “Orange Is the New Black” actress joins HuffPost’s “/"}}">Celebs Have Issues” series, where famous people use comedy to raise awareness about important issues.

DeLaria is an LGBT youth advocate and wants you to take pride in all that you are without giving a single shit about judgement. So hold your chin up, adjust your snapback and let everyone know who’s the head butch in charge. 

To learn more about LGBT youth issues and to get involved, go to ALIFORNEYCENTER.ORG.

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