Lea DeLaria, 'OITNB' Star, Talks Scissoring And That Peanut Butter Scene On HuffPost Live

'OITNB' Star Sounds Off On 'Scissoring' And That Awkward Peanut Butter Scene..

Two stars from breakout Netflix sensation "Orange Is The New Black" stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday -- and Lea DeLaria, aka "Big Boo," had some thoughts about some of her queer-er elements in the second season.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the second episode of the new OITNB season, a hilarious moment is about to be ruined for you.

Not only did DeLaria end the debate once and for all by telling HuffPost Live that scissoring is not a thing, she she opened up about that "awkward" peanut butter scene with her dog Little Boo.

While letting her dog lick the peanut butter off of her hand, DeLaria's character has a brief moment of wondering if perhaps this could be the solution to pleasuring herself. But, as she quickly notes in the episode, "it got weird."

"I knew that this was going to be a little trickier," DeLaria told HuffPost Live. "The left side of my brain, very lesbian feminist, was like 'this is cruelty to animals!' But the right side of my brain was like 'let's go! Anything to be funny!' Of course, Little Boo and I were very close, so I felt very awkward in that sex scene at first with Little Boo but -- God, this is horrendous -- but I knew we couldn't cross that line, I knew we had to find the right balance."

Check out the clip above to hear DeLaria discuss scissoring and the clip below for more on the peanut butter scene.

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