Lea DeLaria Speaks Out About Her Subway Preacher Takedown

'Orange Is The New Black' Star Speaks Out About Her Subway Preacher Takedown

One of our favorite out and proud queer actors spoke to Page Six yesterday about her decision to confront a homophobic preacher spewing his message on the New York City subway.

Earlier this week, "Orange Is The New Black" star Lea DeLaria dominated queer media when a video of her confrontation went viral. Now, the star is reflecting on her decision to speak out about the man's religious message.

“He was saying women should be subservient to men and that they should dress a certain way,” DeLaria told Page Six. “He literally said that the problems in the world were because of homos. That we were all driven by our lust, that we were all sinners and we were all going to hell... I have no problem with people talking out loud on the subway. I think that freedom of speech comes with responsibility,” she added. “You should not, you cannot spew that kind of hatred out loud -- especially in New York City, a multicultural and -- religious city that we live in.”

DeLaria also reportedly stated that she received a round of applause when the man eventually exited the subway car.

This isn't the first time an individual has decided to stand up to an anti-gay subway preacher with tremendous results. In February 2013, a man confronted a different subway preacher after he likened gay men to pedophiles and stated that Michael Jackson died because he was gay. The man confronting the preacher claimed, "I'm a man. And I'm a good man. And I'm a gay man and Jesus loves me! Jesus loves me!"

(h/t Towleroad)

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