Lea Michele Tattoos Are In 'Secret Spots' -- All 14 Of Them (VIDEO)

We tend to think of Megan Fox as the most tattooed starlet, or maybe Angelina Jolie. But Lea Michele recently admitted that her ink count is higher than we thought: Lea's got 14!

The "Glee" star showed up to the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday with just some of her ankle ink (and lots of non-tatted skin) showing. That's because most of them are hidden away.

"I have 14," Michele told Letterman, "But they're all so little that you don't see it. That's why I'm done, though, because all my secret hidden spots are done. Like, my real estate is over."

"You have 14 secret spots?" Letterman laughed. "That's exciting."

Oh, David. Watch the video above to hear about Lea's tattoo addiction and her tattoo-loving family ("Listen, some people go hunting for eggs [on Easter] and we go get tattoos").

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