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Lea Michele's California House Gets A Makeover By Domaine's Editor-At-Large Estee Stanley (PHOTOS)

It's a long way from Rachel Berry's New York City apartment.

When "Glee" star Lea Michele handed her California home over to Domaine's editor-at-large Estee Stanley (who also happens to be her stylist) for a makeover, she had only two rules: The space had to be cozy and her Barbra Streisand photo collection was off-limits.

With those two directions leading the way, Stanley and her team filled the starlet's home with pieces like a Brenda Antin couch upholstered in French linen and an English library cabinet from Nathan Turner to add warmth. She also used the actress' own artwork and books to personalize the space.

The whole thing took four hours and the end results were just to Lea Michele's liking. “She squealed and sort of almost cried,” Stanley said. “I think she was shocked that she loved it.”

Click through our slideshow to see some photos of the home. And be sure to head over to the newly-launched Domaine for more information.

Lea Michele At Home

Lea Michele's Home

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