Editor Praises Lea T's 'Strength To Go From Leo To Lea' (PHOTOS)

Transsexual model Lea T. landed her very own spread for the recent issue of Lurve magazine and we talked to editor Lyna Ahanda about her relationship with the rising fashion star. Ahanda explained:

The idea behind this cover was to shoot someone close to the people we know and hang out with everyday. Those people are very different from the ones you can see on the cover or even in a fashion magazine. We wanted to promote diversity at its best.

I met Lea over a year ago, she is [tall], amazing black long hair, beautiful skin, I could not tell first that she was transgender.

Lea was, for me, the perfect exemple of someone standing for herself. She had the strength to actually go from Leo to Lea. This cover was not about the hype. We are a small indie magazine, we just wanted to go with this idea of promoting change.

All images by Carlotta Manaigo for Lurve. Styled by Maher Jridi.