Leadership: Can Intention Move Providence?

What is the difference between an idle thought and an intention powerful enough to move providence?
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What is the difference between an idle thought and an intention powerful enough to move providence? Some say if you want it to be so, think about or write down your desires, and it will come true. Others point out that it has to be a strongly held thought or intent. Goethe said that, "The ground raises to the feet of the committed man."

It seems to me that intention is more like a feeling than a thought, like working your way into a wave when you are surfing. As a friend of mine who is a Harvard PhD. and surfer, said, "You cannot think your way into a wave, you have to feel it."

Connect To Who We Really Are
Like the surfer connected to a force of nature that propels them forward, our intentions have more power when they are flowing with the natural current of our lives. We all have a natural current and rhythm within us that is part of the greater flow, which is our unique being or who we really are. When we resist this current, which some call purpose, we suffer. When we know it deeply, and learn to swim with it, we move forward with grace and ease in an almost magical manner.

"Know Thy Self"
Knowing yourself is not a mystical notion, it is entirely practical, but it is not easy because of the distortive effect of our thoughts and belief systems. Once a belief system gets a hold on us, we distort our true reality to be right about what we believe. It is like trying to navigate to a location without knowing your present position. It is impossible, and will be filled with misadventures, frustration and anger. Our present reality is not a framework or belief, which by their nature are only an approximation of reality. These notions must be discarded or put into perspective as approximations, before we can feel who we truly are. As the Buddhists say, "Don't mistake the finger pointing at the moon, for the moon itself."

It's the Feeling or a Knowing
Knowing how to connect with the larger current that we are part of on a deep level is genius. Feeling the difference between emotions that come from our thoughts and beliefs and the feeling of being connected to our unique river is the secret. Once we know this, we can begin to expand ourselves while moving forward in our natural current, and use intention to create new realities that change the flow of our lives, and the flow itself. We move with grace and ease creating something that is a natural extension of our deepest purpose while adding to the beauty of the world around us.

Again, I look forward to your insights and thoughts, even though they are only an approximation of reality, as are mine.