How I Lead A Fully Immersed Life At Nearly 90

Grandparents Day is coming up. Huff/Post50 wants its bloggers to contribute pieces that show that age is no barrier to adventure, to change, to be fully immersed in the business of life.

My editor gives specific examples. One is jumping out of planes. I suppose this is because GHWB did it at age 80.

Personally, I think the assignment should be more age specific. There are grandparents in their 50s, 60s, 70s. This grandparent of nine is almost 90. So I will speak to my peers -- high octogenarians and even older geezers.

I am a shining example of nothing. Mainly, I am lucky to still be alive. Three quarters of my class at Andover and Yale are dead. I take no credit for my survival. Pure luck.

I do take credit for leading a fully immersed life, for being engaged in ordinary things. I am active on three nonprofit boards; I remain deeply involved in our family foundation; I have a lunch group of six that meets once a month. Two have died and have been replaced. Life goes on. I am in an acting class that performs scenes for relatives and friends and at an old age home. I write a blog for The Huffington Post. I play occasional tennis and platform tennis.

And I read non fiction for enjoyment and learning.

When you throw in good times with my children and grandchildren, this is a full life. Throw in two naps a day also.

And, for God's sake, do not forget, as I never do, my partnership with Iris, an adored wife who is a child of 73.

So that's it. Nothing unusual, just enough of usual. It may not be daring enough for Huff/Post50 but that's not my problem. I will not jump out of an airplane for Arianna Huffington. I would not have done it at age 20, when I had so much more to lose.

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