Leading the Way to Change -- D.R.E.A.M.S. Supports Talent Management

One of the leading concerns for employers is how to keep and retain top talent. Companies invest time, energy and resources into hiring talent, spending thousands to onboard a new employee. When the company hires the wrong talent or the employee decides the job just isn't for them then the company is faced with spending thousands more to find a replacement. The market is competitive with employers offering higher salaries, better benefits and more vacation to lure talent away, making the reduction of turnover a serious challenge for employers.

CareerBuilder conducted a survey of employees and human resource professionals to determine the reasons behind why employees stay with a company. The survey found that a majority of employees stay if their salary is increased. Better benefits came in at a close second and flexible schedules third. Yet the practices of bumping salaries, offering a flex spending account or flexible schedules, still leaves companies with a shortfall of talent coming and going through their revolving doors. Implementing these best practices to retain employees cost employers more money and at the end of the day, employers are still left without talent. The grass always tends to be greener on the other side of the fence and so employees jump. Employers spend thousands to attract top talent and yet the talent doesn't stay because tomorrow the grass is greener somewhere else.

For military spouses we don't have the luxury of being able to say how long we can stay with a company because of our mobile lifestyle. Our spouses are part of a long forgotten culture where you work for an institution for a period of years and you earn a retirement. This loyalty and dedication is part of the military family unit and they are important traits employers often overlook when considering hiring a military spouse. There are a number of institutions, organizations and groups trying to promote the hiring of military spouses. Yet why are we still unemployed? We continue to remain unemployed because the jobs offered are traditional jobs and our lifestyles are anything but traditional.

Leading the way to change starts with stopping the revolving door and starts with providing D.R.E.A.M.S., which stands for Discovering Remote Employment for America's Military Spouses. Remote, portable careers are the true solution to military spouse unemployment and are the true solution to employer retention issues as well. Employers want to hire top talent and retain that talent, instead of continuing to spend money trying to convince people to stay or constantly training new hires. On the flip-side military spouses want opportunity, a career to have alongside their spouse. Military spouses already have fantastic benefits and aren't leaving companies for higher salaries. Not every job is suitable to be remote but at least one job within every company in America can be done remotely. There are more than 1 million active duty military spouses and 6 million businesses. Let's work together to find your top talent and fulfill your retention and military hiring goals and Hire Just One military spouse for remote employment.