Fridge-Sized Device That Grows Pot May Be Greatest Appliance Since The Microwave

Ain't science green, er, grand?

A Los Angeles entrepreneur could make a lot of green with his new invention: A refrigerator-sized device that grows pot.

Yoni Ofir says his Leaf machine is made for people who have no clue how to cultivate marijuana.

“We wanted to create something that could be ‘plug and plant,’ where you didn’t have to have any previous knowledge whatsoever,” Ofir says in the video above. “Most people fail because there’s so many different parameters and you’re basically sort of left on your own.”

The problem with growing the wacky weed is that it’s sensitive.

“It’s very prone to different deficiencies in the nutrients, it’s very prone to different temperature and humidity changes,” Ofir says. “You can easily get pests if you don’t control it properly.”

The Leaf machine includes everything needed to grow a seedling into dried cannabis. It takes care of such basics as light, water and nutrients.

Ofir says he created the $3,000 machine after discovering firsthand how time consuming growing marijuana can be.

“I needed to be around the plants every single day, I couldn’t leave them at all,” he says. “I was always worried if something would happen and I wouldn’t be there.”

The Leaf machine solves that with an app that allows the owner to view their growing plants via the internet, as well as controlling things like temperature and humidity from a remote location.

Oh, you don’t have to grow weed with the Leaf. It will grow vegetables as well, but a lot of people may not want to spend that much green to grow cherry tomatoes.

Although the Leaf could make growing marijuana as easy as microwaving popcorn, getting one is more of a challenge. It can only be purchased with a medical marijuana prescription in states where medicinal use is legal.



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