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WATCH: 7-year-old Violin Prodigy Leah Flynn Hopes To Bring Peace To Ferguson Through Music

Meet Leah Flynn, a pint-sized violin prodigy with a heart of gold.

At just 7-years-old, Leah has become an extraordinary violinist whose recorded performances have already amassed more than 43,000 views on You Tube.

However, Leah recently made it her mission to reach beyond her online audience and hoped to play for residents she felt could truly benefit from her inspiring performance.

After watching the news a few weeks ago, Leah -- who currently lives in Sanford, Florida with her family -- wanted to travel to Ferguson, Missouri with hopes that her music would help bring peace to a city that has faced much controversy as of late.

“She asked me what was going on and I explained it to her she was very unhappy and concerned and she said those people are so sad,” Leah’s mother, Paula Flynn, told The Huffington Post referring to the ongoing protests in Ferguson following 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death.

Leah and her mother sent a letter to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and Police Chief Thomas Jackson expressing her interest to perform for the city of Ferguson. While their offer was declined, St. Louis’ Fox 2 News welcomed the ladies to their show on Thursday and invited Leah to play for Missouri residents during a televised segment. The local CBS radio affiliate also extended an invitation.

During her performance, Leah played three songs: “The Prayer,” “Amazing Grace” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

Leah has been playing the violin for two years and practices daily for one to two hours. Her father is also an experienced musician, who taught Leah many of the songs she has mastered.

On Friday, Leah joined HuffPost Live to talk about her experiences playing for Missouri residents and even gave our viewers a special impromptu performance.

Watch the clip above to see Leah’s segment on HuffPost Live and her impressive rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.’