Leah Remini Says She Needs To Continue Her Mission To Expose Scientology's Dark Side

“Until the day I no longer have this platform, I won’t be silent.”

Leah Remini won’t stop trying to expose Scientology’s dark side to the rest of the world. But not just because she wants to, because she needs to, in her words. 

The actress, who left Scientology about four years ago, will reportedly continue her efforts to unearth the abuse and misconduct within the organization with an expanded second season of her A&E series, “Scientology and the Aftermath,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

“The way the organization has responded without taking responsibility for what they do to people, I need to continue,” Remini told THR. “It would be another [scenario] if they stopped trying to discredit everyone’s stories and said, ‘If you don’t like it, don’t be part of Scientology.’”

Season 2 of “Scientology and the Aftermath” is already in preproduction, according to THR, and it will consist of 10 episodes. Sources told the outlet the network is hoping to bring the series back this summer. 

Remini told THR there have been plenty of people looking to participate in the show since the first season aired, thanks in part to the former Scientology official Mike Rinder’s involvement. According to Remini, Rinder gets hundreds of emails daily from people who’ve left Scientology. 

The organization, who continues to refute Remini’s claims and the information presented on her show, gave a statement to THR claiming A&E paid people to appear on-screen. 

“Real transparency would be for A&E to detail all forms of compensation made to sources spreading religious hate and bigotry on Leah Remini’s show,” they said. 

They even made an entire website dedicated to discrediting Remini’s claims.

On the organization’s statement on the site reads, in part:

The Church has repeatedly asked A&E to investigate the production of the Remini series and financial payments, especially in the wake of numerous violent threats generated against the Church, its leaders and parishioners coinciding with the airing of the series. Those hate crimes include death threats and acts of vandalism, many of which have been and are now the subject of law enforcement investigations.

But the former “King of Queens” star isn’t letting the obstacles get in her way. 

“I have a stage for people to listen,” she told THR. “Until the day I no longer have this platform, I won’t be silent.”



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