Leahy Knocks Cheney: "I Don't Need Any Lectures From Him"

Leahy Knocks Cheney: "I Don't Need Any Lectures From Him"

Senator Patrick Leahy and Dick Cheney have a legendarily icy relationship, one that crested with the former Vice President telling the Judiciary Committee Chairman "go fuck yourself" on the Senate floor.

And while in a recent interview Cheney insisted that the animosity between the two has been "patched up," some, it seems, still remains.

In an interview with Leahy last night, I asked him about the former V.P.'s latest, cryptic assertion that the Obama administration was making it easier for terrorists to successfully attack the United States. The senior Senator from Vermont didn't disappoint.

"I just want to say here Bush and Cheney were in charge when the last attack happened," Leahy said. "They were warned about the last attack before it happened. On September 10th their proposal was to cut our counter-terrorism budget substantially. I don't need any lectures from him. They screwed up badly.

"They are also the same people who said the war in Iraq would be over in a couple weeks, shock and awe and we would find the weapons of mass destruction. Their policy was to let Osama bin Laden get away when we had him cornered and send the troops into a useless war in Iraq. No, no, I don't think he has a great deal of credibility."

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