LEAKED: Video of Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Rehearsal

LEAKED: Video of Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Rehearsal


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A Korean film crew gained access to the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium yesterday to rehearse the Korean national broadcast of the Olympic Games. While the cameramen were inside, they secretly filmed a rehearsal of the opening ceremony, also being rehearsed at the Bird's Nest. This video has been banned on the Chinese news site Sina.com and has been taken off YouTube in mainland China.

The Korean news report claims that the ceremony has been prepared for over 3 years and China has spent over $300,000,000 on, what according to the Korean station, is the most "magnificent, brilliant and mysterious" ceremony in Olympic history. The report claims the video features over 10,000 performers -- kung-fu fighters, trapeze artists and traditional Chinese dancers -- using the "most modern of laser technology" to execute the 10-second Olympic countdown. The only mystery still left for the opening is how the Olympic torch will arrive to the Bird's Nest and who will be the final torch bearer.

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