LeAnn Rimes Bikini Photo: Star Tweets Picture On Sunny Day (PHOTO)

PHOTO: LeAnn Rimes Tweets Bikini Torso

LeAnn Rimes enjoyed the sunshine on Tuesday, hanging out in a bikini and taking a photo to share for her Twitter followers. Shot from a first person view, the picture shows just Rimes' washboard flat stomach and legs.

The country singer has defended herself against recent allegations that she's too skinny, and answered some fans' questions about her eating habits online on Wednesday.

"LOVE Thin Mint Cookies! I never know where to buy GS Cookies, so I'm always elated when someone I know has them! Love Thin Mints frozen!"

@KarlaHoffman @lindseyg696 you don't know me, you have NO idea what I weigh or eat, so why should you have any opinion about my weight?

@KarlaHoffman @lindseyg696 I own that I am healthy and take dang goof care of my body, that's what I own.

@KarlaHoffman last time we ordered pizza for the boys at our house you were there and I didn't pass it up. You've witnessed it!

Karla Hoffman is a friend of Rimes; @lindseyg696 is a fan concerned about the body image Rimes sends fans.


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