LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville Feud Reignites: Eddie Cibrian's Ex Lashes Out At Rimes On Twitter

Looks like these two are no longer playing nice.

After telling The Huffington Post last month that she "genuinely" wants her ex Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes "to do well," Brandi Glanville has taken a step back and reignited the feud that erupted last year between her and Rimes.

After Rimes took to Twitter to share her weekend plans with Cibrian and his sons -- Jake, 5, and Mason, 9 -- Glanville got a little annoyed -- and wasn't afraid to unleash her anger on Twitter.

"Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it's a family tour weekend. It's always more fun when they are with me," Rimes tweeted Nov. 30.

That didn't make Glanville too happy ...

"Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children "her boys" Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons... 4 now," Glanville tweeted Dec. 1, obviously referring to Rimes' tweet.

And although Rimes didn't retaliate directly, she did continue to post photos and tweets about her family vacation, writing last night, "I'm going to bed as one of the most blessed girls in the world. I am so grateful for all the love I have in my heart and in my life."

She also retweeted a follower's post: "‪@leannrimes Being a step mom is such a hard role to play....but only the strongest women can handle it !"




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