LeAnn Rimes As 'Sandy': Stars Dress As 'Grease' Character In Nod To Hurricane

LeAnn Rimes revealed her Halloween costume to her more than 300,000 followers Wednesday: Sandy, from the 1978 hit musical “Grease.”

Channeling Olivia Newton-John’s iconic character, Rimes posed in tight black spandex and platform wedges, with bad-girl blond curls and pouting red lips, seemingly without a care in the world. Joining her was husband Eddie Cibrian, posing as Danny Zuko, the character that John Travolta forever made famous.

“Danny and Sandy #Halloween,” Rimes tweeted, without a mention of the monster storm that has brought the East Coast to its knees.

However, Rimes wasn't alone in her surprising choice. Gwen Stefani also dressed up as the “Grease” star, complete with a bullet wound to the head and a gash on her neck.

Arriving at a party in London, thrown by British talk show host Jonathan Ross, she was accompanied by band member and ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal, dressed as Danny. Stefani made no mention of the other Sandy that has made so many people’s lives a living nightmare.

But not all celebrities have failed to see the connection. Proud New Yorker Lady Gaga tweeted, "I'm never watching Grease again #SandySucks."

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