LeAnn Rimes' Weight Fluctuates Due To Stress, She Says

LeAnn Rimes shocked fans when she stepped out looking alarmingly thin in 2011. But nowadays, the country singer says she's back to a healthier shape and is loving her curves.

In an interview with the U.K.'s Fabulous magazine, the 30-year-old explains that she's never "gone to an extreme" when it comes to working out or eating, but says her dramatic weight loss a few years back was the result of stress. (Let's not forget, Rimes was going through a divorce from her husband Dean Sheremet and played a role in now husband's Eddie Cibrian's split from wife Brandi Glanville).

"I never tried to lose weight, and I never tried to gain it. It depends on how stressed I am. I was eating a ton and couldn't put on weight!" she explains of those skinny pictures, adding that her mom and godmother are "always happier when I have a little meat on my bones."

The "Blue" songstress admits she splurges on "pizza and fried chicken" from time to time, but attempts to keep her carb intake to a minimum. She also enjoys 30-minute hikes and boosts her stage stamina by lifting weights and doing circuit training.

All in all, Rimes -- who just flaunted her fit figure in a bikini while relaxing in Miami over the weekend -- tries to stay confident, despite her weight fluctuation.

"I'm secure with my body. Trust me, there are moments when I've stood in the mirror and gone, 'Oh my God, I'm getting cellulite!' But then I stand in a different light and I'm, like, 'Oh, it's not so bad now,'" Rimes says, continuing, "I have my moments, like every woman."

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