Teens Are Shocked When Mom Surprises Them With New Baby Sister

The 37-year-old mom feared she had a tumor. Turns out she was 31 weeks pregnant.

When Leanne Allen went to the doctors for kidney problems, she suspected they might have to remove something.

She never expected it would be a baby girl.

The 37-year-old mom from Gosport, in southern England, went to doctors after experiencing fatigue, swollen legs and kidney problems.

An MRI discovered Allen was 31 weeks pregnant ― something the mother of two teenagers never suspected.

″[The doctor] said she had found something on the scan that she needed to tell me. Straight away I was panicked, thinking she had found a tumor,” Allen said, according to Inside Edition. “When she then told me I was pregnant I nearly fell off the bed. And when she went on to say I was 31 weeks, I just went into shock.”

Doctors feared Allen might have preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to organs including the liver and kidneys.

Allen was immediately booked for an emergency cesarean section, and Harley was born 30 hours later on Friday.

Allen and her husband, Kevin, 35, were grateful baby Harley was born healthy because they had suffered a miscarriage less than a year ago.

That experience inspired them to swear off more kids, but now the family of four is a family of five.

When it came time to break the news to her daughter, Jayme, 14, and son, Mitchell, 12, Allen decided to have a little fun with them and videotaped their reactions:

“We found something on my kidneys, which has been a shock. I needed to have an operation to have it taken out yesterday,” she told them. “Now it’s out, and I seem to be getting better. I wanted to see if you wanted to see what they took out of me.”

She then showed them this picture.

Mitchell was the first to react: “No way!”

Harley is still in intensive care, but doctors expect her to go home in a few weeks, which gives them some time to prepare.

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