Success and Leaps of Faith: Part 1

We are always guided. Some pay close attention to the clues that help us to discern which paths we take, that most serve our highest learning and greatest good. Others give occasion to such awareness, and as a result, happiness and life's successes seem hit or miss and chance-like.
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Each step of our life's journey, whether we are aware of it or not, is a series of leaps of faith. Certain moments of our life, seemingly dramatic in nature, serve to punctuate and mark major turning points that define who we believe we are, what we have accomplished, relationships of meaning and opportunities that lead to a particular experience.

We are always guided. Some pay close attention to the clues that help us to discern which paths we take, that most serve our highest learning and greatest good. Others give occasion to such awareness, and as a result, happiness and life's successes seem hit or miss and chance-like. Still, others appear to live in a state of sleepwalking, their lives are filled with dramatic experiences, a roller coaster of great emotional pain and suffering.

Along our life journey, with each step we take, we present ourselves with clues that point the way towards our ultimate goal of learning, BEING and re-remembering the love we already are. In the book Island by Aldous Huxley, the story revolves around a group of enlightened people who live on an island. Their collective desire is to remain in an enlightened state of consciousness. The island, isolated as it is from the rest of humanity, offers its own set of distractions, which compete for the attention of its aware inhabitants. Ever conscious of their commitment toward enlightenment, the islanders decide to meet and create a strategy to keep them collectively focused on their goal. Deciding that they collectively require constant reminders to remain in their enlightened state, they note that their island is filled with thousands upon thousands of parrots. Brilliantly, they decided to teach the parrots two words which they know the birds will repeat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The two words: PAY ATTENTION.

Our awareness, our paying attention, to the feelings and flow of information that we are constantly receiving and transmitting, nanosecond after nanosecond, provides us with detailed clues about the direction and progress we are making towards love, our ultimate life mission. These clues or spiritual road signs are designed to guide us onto the highway of our life's mission and the following of our bliss. When we fail to pay attention and heed these signs, we eventually discover that we have driven ourselves off the main road and are dramatically now driving to avoid obstacles of fear and states of suffering.

As our thoughts consider a particular person, a past or future event, a subject matter or planned activity, etc., certain feelings arise and come into the frame of our consciousness through our body's five senses, and more importantly, the intuition. When this information shows up, it is always accompanied by certain feelings and emotions. Feelings represent our interpretation of energy vibrations. Emotions, represent the way our mind aggregates, assembles and interprets vibrations into a scripted form from which the mind better understands the information. When feelings and emotions are properly tuned to and guided by the intuition, we have a precise way to find the true course of love.

Our intuition extends our awareness far beyond the reaches of our body's senses. It is the soul's tool, liken to a tribal scout who travels great distances beyond the reaches of its people in search of food, water, shelter, safety and other resources. Miles away, the scout communicates telepathically back to the tribal leader, they have no other way.

In one book called Mutant Message Down Under by Mario Morgan, a female city person (her biographical journey), observes this phenomenon as she travels with Australian Aborigines. As the tribe eventually catches up with the scout, she inquires with him to see if he was indeed communicating telepathically with the tribal leader. The scout replies yes, in a very matter of fact way. He further states, "You could do this too, but you have lies in your consciousness." Lies meaning none truth and/or attachments to fear and drama.

Therefore, the quality of our mental stillness and aware mindfulness is what determines the level of clarity from which we receive and transmit information and navigate along our life's journey. If our mind resides in a place of lies, then it is like our consciousness is being tuned into a TV or radio channel of static. When we are present, peaceful and mindful, we readily tune into the Divine broadcast of love. In this space of mental tuning, we do have the ability to transcend the intuition and experience KNOWING, the awareness of pure truth, non-duality and only love.

In this state, our thoughts begin to manifest into a form that represents that which we most want and lovingly desire to create. In other words, we create from what ultimately serves our highest and best good. In an unconscious and fearful state, the exact opposite occurs, we get what we do not want. All thoughts are really prayers. They call into form specific realities of either love or fear. It is always our choice. As such, the choices we make can be seen as a series of leaps of faith. Anyone who has ever achieved anything of importance and note has made the choice to make such leaps of faith.

In the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the actor Harrison Ford, who plays the role of Indiana Jones (Indie), leads a team of fellow adventurers and archeologists to find the Holy Grail.

(To be continued in part two.)

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