Leap Year: 10 Great Bungee Jumps Around The World (PHOTOS)

Travelers can still wring a little wisdom out of that old chestnut, "Look before you leap." The author of that now cliche was quite right, not in the sense that caution is always a virtue, but in the sense that it is best to find a high vantage with a beautiful view before leaping. It is also important to actually leap.

Leap Day was historically the one day on which many European women were allowed to ask a man to marry them. Nowadays, that sort of thing isn't particularly special or eyebrow raising so we propose a new celebration wherein travelers bungee jump, using this year's extra day to scare the bejeezus out of themselves. No, bungee jumping is not for everyone, but it is definitely more appealing to a wider audience than many of its more extreme cousins like Base Jumping or Sky Diving. It is also popular the world over. From the small islands of the Pacific to the wilds of Canada, humanity just can't get enough of falling.

Below are 10 bungee jumps that offer travelers more than just a thrill. These jumps are remarkable because they are huge or surrounded by beauty, near major cities or famous from the movies. For those looking to celebrate a memorable Leap Day, look no further than down. The fall is what gets you.