Leap Year Celebrity Babies: Pregnant Celebs Who Could Give Birth On Leap Day 2012

Jen and Ben are out of the running, but a batch of pregnant celebrities just may give birth to some very unique kids. As if having famous parents and what are sure to be the best birthday parties ever isn't enough, these soon-to-be famous kids could pop out today -- February 29th, 2012 -- making them official Leap Babies. It's still up for debate whether this is a desirable position to be in. Several non-celebrity parents are averse to the idea so it’s safe to say that the stars could be reticent to give birth on a date that doesn't always exist. But if Hollywood is really a playground for the young, what better way to start kids off than always being four times "younger" than everyone else?

Here are 10 sets of celebrity parents who could be having Leap Year babies.