Learn To Code With Ease, Even If You Are Not A Computer Science Graduate

Learn To Code With Ease, Even If You Are Not A Computer Science Graduate
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Coders will undeniably serve as the architects of our future, and if we too want to succeed in the world of tomorrow, we must equip ourselves with the technical skills necessary to grow, compete, and thrive. 71% of all new jobs require a Computer Science major, but only 8% of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) graduates major in Computer Science. As it is abundantly clear, there is a distinct discrepancy between the market demand and the supply of skill.

However, not all is lost because a proactive attitude towards learning can solve even the greatest of challenges. There are several open coding schools in the market, which teach you the fundamentals of coding; But where do you begin? How do you know which programming language is the best to start with as a beginner? So many questions and so little time.

How to Get Started

Several programming languages are on the market, so how do you really decide which one serves your purpose? Depending on your specific requirements, you can look at a variety of options, from Ruby to Python, but there is one language which truly towers over the rest, called JavaScript. Innumerable reasons exist as to why this particular language stands in a league of its own, and should be the first one to pick up for newbies and experienced professionals excited to learn programming.

Zero Installation or Special Configuration Necessary to Get Started with JavaScript

All you would have to do to code in JavaScript is to literally open Notepad or any text editor on your Mac, PC, or Linux and write one line of code to get started. This is just to illustrate the speed at which you can get started. Moreover, JavaScript has a very straight forward syntax that is highly logical, and easy to grasp.

Free and Open Source Programming Language

Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript is free and open source, which greatly increases its adoption and lowers the barrier to entry. A number of other languages are tightly controlled by big corporations, which make them very difficult to leverage and utilize. By its very nature, an open source language typically has high adoption since a larger number of people are contributing to its development.

Fun fact: 99% of top websites use JavaScript, from Google to AirBnB, which goes to show how in-demand this language is!

High-Paying Employment Opportunities as a JavaScript Developer

No surprise that JavaScript developers are highly paid since an investment in programming skills can yield a 208% better return on investment than attending a top-tier college. In fact, the average salary for a JavaScript developer in the United States is $105,000 annually with an increasing demand for such developers. There is tremendous value in learning JavaScript and gaining a very high level of programming proficiency because there are many opportunities to code in JavaScript.
Facebook's Mobile App is built with Javascript, and so is the Netflix App. Walmart, Paypal and LinkedIn migrated their code from legacy languages to Javascript because of its performance gains. Large corporations are investing in hiring Javascript developers because they need them to build, and grow their business.

Start Now! You Can Be Coding Within Minutes

There are several courses and screencasts to help you thrive along this incredible journey. You can build a series of web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, and TV applications. Build applications to the likes of Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, portfolio websites and anything else to your heart's content. There is such a huge demand and JavaScript is definitely here to stay! Jump headfirst into the super fun pool of coding in JavaScript and let iLoveCoding.org teach you how to swim!


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