Learn to Value Time

The wisdom principle of respecting time is vital to success.

Time is a factor concerning success, which should not be ignored. Each of us has the same amount of time, twenty-four hours in a day. What sets apart those who succeed from those who do not, is how each individual uses this powerful thing called, time.

How you and I value and use the time allotted to us, will determine how far we go with our goals and dreams. The enemy we will have to face and defeat is a thing called procrastination. The habit of continually putting things off, which do not need to be put off, is one of the greatest hindrances to all of civilization.

It should be noted that time can prove to be a great friend, or your worst enemy, all depending upon your respect for it, or the lack thereof. And you should also consider the fact that people who attract success in their lives on a consistent basis are those who are very time-conscious.

The reason why procrastination is such a great enemy is because you keep putting things off which lead to the fulfillment of your goals. If you keep doing this, thinking that you will get to them eventually, you may find yourself not being any further in the pursuit of your dreams the next year, or the year after that.

You must learn to work with time.

Here are some facts about time for you to consider:

God has given each of us the same amount of time. In this regard, all of us are equal. We each have been given twenty-four hours. If we use eight hours to work on someone else's job, and eight hours to sleep, we still have eight more hours. We can use between two to four of those hours to write a book, work on a song, read books which can help us to advance in life, draw closer to God, etc.

Determine the best use for your time. Wasted time is not a good thing. Putting off things which can be accomplished or worked on today will prove to work against you if procrastination becomes a habit. So do your best to make your time count.

Be diligent to protect your time from those dream thieves, who would attempt to lure you away from doing the things which are productive and crucial to your success. This is one trait of the highly successful which many have not yet comprehended. They guard their time. They do this, not because they are mean, but because they value their time. Their healthy respect for time is what has placed them in the successful position in life which they enjoy. And they will not tolerate others who have no respect for time.

If you want to be successful, do what successful people practice. Refuse to procrastinate. Take control over your time. Get busy pursuing your goals and dreams. Set your time lines and ensure that you meet those deadlines. Master your time. This is a golden key to accomplishment.