How Tango Lessons Changed This 91-Year-Old's Life

Tango, salsa, samba, rumba, bolero. All the Latin dances, bring crowds to the dance floor. But one stands apart, with star quality. TANGO! Just the name alone has a sound different from all the rest. And the music! The music! The music, wow! Brings emotion, that no other can compare. What is it about tango that makes your heart beat faster. Makes your body linger close to your partner. You feel unexplainable sensations, because you and your partner have become one. And yet at that same moment, you have not lost self.

That is the secret and the beauty, when two dancers become one. When tango is danced in this magical way, it looks so simple. But by no means is tango simple. Once you're hooked on tango, you will work to perfect this dance for the rest of your life and you will never attain that perfection.

Tango is a life long marriage. Just the terminology of each move has magic. Bolero, ocho, cruzada, gancho and to master these moves smoothly and with power, takes a lifetime. Argentineans are born dancing tango. Learning and imitating, their grandparents and parents. They grow up with that gorgeous music. That music that demands ones complete attention, not to miss a beat. The rhythm that is so unexpected. The beat that changes constantly and requires a good ear. As my first tango teacher, Felix Chavez says," You dance in the music, not to the music."

My first tango lesson was a disaster, even though my training has been ballet and modern. I froze from fear, that I would not follow my partner. There are some who are natural followers, but that was not to be my good fortune. I started six years ago at age 85. I'm 91 and I'm still desperately trying to achieve that attainable and natural moment of feeling one, with my partner and teacher, Marcos Questas, a superb professor of tango, who has the great quality of humor and kindness, beyond the norm.

Tango is the cure all and end all of depression. It stimulates energy, emotion, balance and the curious thing called life. There is no age limit. Tango brings joy and physical ability, you didn't know you had. Just like I had no idea, I could compose 6 tangos and put together a successful CD, "Tango Insomnia" with six fabulous musicians.

So you see the inspiration came from that Argentine music. Just writing about it makes my body undulate. So spend an evening at a Malonga. Starting with a tango class and then dance the night away. What's more important; the price is right. The place to go is called a Malonga. Google, Malonga and you will discover Malonga's everywhere, not only in L.A., but every city in the U.S.A., and every city in Europe.

So no excuse, not to experiment! You too will be inspired to dance to that beautiful Argentine tango music. You will love it and your body will love it, and your partner will love you! How can you resist?

It's never, never, too late! One day you will believe me. When that happens, that will be the best day of your life. Dance to the rhythm of the tango and live.

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