Learning to Walk


I walk
one step, then another
through holy golden light
and all I can say
is oh. my. God. Because there is
no way anything
other than a divine, maker-of-miracles
could have made all this

wings swoop
out of dried blackberry bush, trees give
and give and give, never asking
for a thing back - single
red leaf, rock pounded smooth
from wild sea. Eyes
that look back

all this, yet I hang my
head, asking again and again
if there is God, purpose -- reason
I ask as I rush past

this undeniable holy.

Still -- ground
holds me. In every moment, whether I stand
or kneel on bruised knees, whether awake or asleep
whether I laugh or weep -- faithful ground
holds the too too
too of me

if all this doesn't call
forth the treasures
I don't know
what will.

Then, a gust rises from
that buried deep place --
and says:

How about this, how about you
toss the holy around as if there is no
end, no way,
no lack -- no empty. Because there
just isn't. How about you stop trying

to squeeze
this holy inside words or reasons. Just lift
your head, my love
and walk

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