Least Ethical, Honest Professions According To Americans:- Telemarketers - Car Salesmen -Advertising Practitioners -Congressmen -Stockbrokers...

Gallup's annual poll on the honesty and ethics of people in different professions finds that nurses continue to be rated most positively, by a substantial margin. Telemarketers and car salesmen rank at the bottom of this year's list. Most of the professions' ratings show little change from their last readings. However, there has been a slight increase in the ratings of bankers' honesty and ethics, and slight decreases for pharmacists and congressmen.

The Nov. 17-20 Gallup Poll asked Americans to rate the honesty and ethical standards of members of professions on a five-point scale that ranges from "very high" to "very low." Of the 21 professions tested this year, 6 have majority "high ethical" ratings -- nurses (82%), pharmacists (67%), medical doctors (65%), high school teachers (64%), policemen (61%), and clergy (54%). Only one has a majority giving it low ethical ratings -- telemarketers. Car salesmen come close, with 49% rating this profession as low on honesty and ethics.

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