The 9 Least Retweeted Words Ranked By SmartData Collective

RANKED: The 9 Least Retweetable Words

Social media can be a boon for bloggers, but new research suggests some terms can kill Twitter buzz faster than the Fail Whale.

SmartData Collective set out to find which words tweeters tune out most frequently. SmartData Collective's Themos Kalafatis used text mining and predictive analytics to analyze the titles of some 3,000 "social media"-centric blog posts, then worked to pick out "words and phrases that are commonly found in posts with a high number of retweets (>40)." While examining which terms have a positive impact on a blog's popularity, Kalafatis also identified specific terms that negatively impact posts (i.e. had a negative impact on the likelihood of a post being retweeted).

Kalafatis explains he considered the following three elements: 1) The author of the blog, 2) The title of the post, and 3) The number of retweets the post received.

Check out the 9 terms that have the greatest negative weight on the popularity of blog posts (in terms of Twitter retweets) in the slideshow below. What do these data mean to you? Tell us in the comments. Check out the 9 most retweeted words next!
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Least Retweeted Words Ranked By SmartData Collective

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