The 5 Least Stressful Jobs Of 2013: CareerCast

A New Start In 2013 With The 5 Least Stressful Jobs
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beautiful long hair...

When was the last time you said, "Man, I wish I had a less stressful job!"

Three minutes ago, right?!

But if pressed, would you know exactly what type of jobs are the least stressful?

Well, CareerCast is out with its annual list of the Least Stressful Jobs of 2013 as well as the Most Stressful Jobs.

So what makes a job "least" stressful?

"If you look at the list, the key that you see there is these are jobs where people are in control of their day – working as fast as they feel they need to be effective," said Tony Lee, publisher of "You don't have somebody kind of breathing over your shoulder. There's no physical risk at all, and no one is depending on you in your job to make their life expectancy last longer!"

"These are jobs that that keep your blood pressure nice and low," Lee said.

And while you won't hear a lot of "thank yous" for the most stressful jobs, these least stressful jobs are loaded with them!

"Most people tend to be thankful for what they do," Lee said. "They get a lot of 'thank yous' and smiles and warm fuzzies!"

Wow, low blood pressure and warm fuzzies – where do I sign? Are there any downsides?

"They don't necessarily pay particularly well," Lee said. "Salaries on average are higher for the most stressful jobs than the least stressful."

So what are the least stressful jobs of 2013 and is yours on the list? Read ahead to find out.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has been following the response to CareerCast's rankings as posted here, at Forbes and elsewhere. Some university professors have taken to Twitter claiming that the ranking is inaccurate prompting a reaction article from Forbes. For CareerCast's methodology for the study go here.

Clarification: A previous version of this post sourced this article from CareerCast. It is content from CNBC.

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5. Medical Laboratory Technician

Least Stressful Jobs Of 2013

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