The 5 Basic Types Of Men's Leather Jackets. Which Should You Buy?

Are you more Fonzie or James Bond?

From bombers to bikers, there's no sturdier, more durable jacket than the leather variety.

It looks sharp from the first day you wear it, but if you get one that's made well enough -- an investment, to be sure -- and you take care of it, your leather jacket will last you for years. You'll be glad you invested in it too, because the more you wear it, the more adapted to your body it becomes. Like the iron skillet for your wardrobe, it looks good with every outfit, and it just gets better the more you wear it.

Because there are so many options out there, we've narrowed down a few of our favorites this year:

The Classic
Ralph Lauren
This is the classic leather jacket: slim fit, long sleeves, cut for a motorcycle racer, in 100 percent lambskin. Ralph Lauren's washed cafe biker jacket is super expensive ($2,995), but it's the standard others emulate, and you can find a cheaper version out there, such as this $100 faux leather piece from Jack and Jones.
The Rocker Version
Courtesy Esprit
If you're more of a Johnny Ramone (or Fonzie) than a James Bond, Esprit's classic leather rocker jacket (€199.99/$227), with big lapels and zippered pockets all over, is for you.
The Twist, With Color
Courtesy ASOS
Not all leather jackets have to be black -- this brown beauty from Pepe Jeans, called the Indiana Slim Fit Bomber 2 Pocket (£250/$383), proves the point.
The Hybrid
Courtesy Vince
Vince's leather blocked chambray jacket ($357) is great if you want a little bit of leather but don't necessarily want to commit to the whole hog -- it's a light jacket, easily dressed up or down, for crisp autumn evenings.
The More Affordable Alternative
Courtesy ASOS
If you're on a budget, a faux leather jacket can give you the look without the loans. Only & Sons wool bomber with faux leather sleeves (£60.00/$92) is a good alternative to the pricy leather.
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