Why You Should Not Buy New Clothes for 30 Days

I remember when the light bulb went off. I had just learned that the textile industry is the world's second largest water polluter, after agriculture.

I read that each year 1.7 billion clothing items go unused in closets across the globe, and 95% of the clothes we throw into the landfill are recyclable.

And I found out that the average American woman spends $60 each month on clothes--only to dump six pounds of textiles into the landfill.

Then I did the math.

160 million American women.

$60 and six pounds per month.

That was nearly $10 billion and a billion pounds of waste!

That's when I decided to start the Shop Drop Challenge. I asked friends and followers to join me in not buying any new clothes for 30 days. In 2013, more than 500 people took the pledge!

This year, we're hoping to top those numbers. Will you join us? It's simple:

1. Visit http://www.mommygreenest.com/shop-drop-2015
2. Leave a comment as your pledge to not buy any new clothes for 30 days.

It's that simple! But if every woman in American took the Shop Drop Challenge this year, we could save $10 billion and one billion pounds of textile waste.

Optionally, please share a tweet to spread the word. Like this one:

Avg woman spends $60/month on clothes. How about u? Leave 1 comment HERE http://tinyurl.com/qxlfawu 2 #shopdrop2015 via @rachellsarnoff

How to get your fashion fix? Try thrifting or swapping with friends.

And all participants in the Mommy Greenest Shop Drop Challenge will score an invitation to a celebratory party at Give + Take, the world's first swap boutique, located in Santa Monica, CA. See you there!