With $5 In His Pocket, This Man Left His Job As A Stockbroker To Travel The World

"There is so much goodness out there."

For years, Leon Logothetis worked as a stockbroker in London crunching numbers. But the job left him feeling "depressed" and "disconnected" from the world, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"For many years, I'd kind of been groomed to be this finance guy," Logothetis said, explaining that he felt like he was "living someone else's life." After watching "The Motorcycle Diaries," he was inspired to leave his finance life behind and hit the road in the U.S. with just $5 in his pocket.

"It was literally jumping off a cliff and not knowing how deep the water was -- or whether there was going to be any water," he said. "There were parts of me that were like, 'Leon don't do this. Leon, stay where you are.'"

But Logothetis stayed strong, eventually taking his travels abroad on his motorbike. He relied on the kindness of strangers to keep him going, and he recalled a specific incident when a woman he'd met in Indianapolis trusted him with her only set of keys to her home in Chicago. 

"You know how we watch the news and we see all these dark things that do happen, but they don't happen as often as the news wants to make it out," he said. "There is so much goodness out there."

Check out the video above to hear more from Logothetis, including how he doesn't regret "the chance to go out into the world."

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