Leave Madonna's 53-Year-Old Breast Alone

"'Girls Gone Wild' works for you when you're 22 - it doesn't work for you at 50," Star Jones said on the Today show this morning. She was sitting in her usual spot on the "Today's Professionals" panel, which was discussing Madonna's purposeful nip slip at a concert in Istanbul this week. The show includes a strip tease dance sequence in which Madonna strips down from a cone bra corset, to a white shirt and pants, to a black lace bra. For whatever reason, she took it one step further at that Istanbul show and pulled down the bra's right cup, flashing her right breast. Now, all anyone can talk about is how she's "too old" to show her boob at a concert packed with screaming fans who paid good money for Madonna's signature showmanship - including her unpredictability.

"What works for a 22-year-old woman or a man is not appropriate, very often, for a 53-year-old," Donny Deutsch opined next to Jones on Today. At his side was Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who echoed his sentiments. "Not special," she said. "Not a special breast, not worth doing." Oh. OKAY THEN.

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