'LeBarn James' Goes Viral For His Farm-tastic Basketball Contraption

Will Hartzell has harvested TikTok fame from his down-home hoops videos.

“LeBarn James,” aka Will Hartzell, has produced a crop of fun videos from his Mississippi farm during the coronavirus pandemic. But he may have outdone himself by building his own rebounding machine. (Watch the clip below.)

The video of his catapult-like contraption got picked up by ESPN on Sunday and off it went.

Don’t let the suspenders and boots fool you. LeBarn James has skills.

LeBarn, er Hartzell, told Overtime in the bio video below that he got frustrated by losing access to basketball hoops when the pandemic hit, so he built his own on the farm and even rigged one to a tractor.

His ingenuity and trick shots with hay bales and such have made him a TikTok star, with 839,000 followers. He’s also a favorite of ESPN.

That’s one player who can always have a field day.

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