LeBron James Dunked On During Game In Asia (VIDEO)

This isn't supposed to happen to LeBron in the summer.

During a Nike event in Asia, the two-time MVP started to show off some ball handling skills, but the defender knocked the ball away and came up with the steal. James then chased him down and went up for one of his signature blocks, only for the defender to throw it down as James flew by.

Whether you look at the play as LeBron getting dunked on, or him quitting on the play, it's not going to do much to quiet his numerous detractors.

It's probably not as fun for LeBron when he's not the one dunking on people (or more accurately, kids).

While this particular LeBron James clip may leave something to be desired, other NBA stars, particularly Kevin Durant and Brandon Jennings, have accumulated a bevy of highlights during this off-season.

Given LeBron's positive outlook on the lockout -- he told the Associated Press last week that he's "very optimistic" that there will be an NBA season this year -- it's a wonder why he's suiting up for meaningless games overseas anyhow and risking injury.

No word on what quarter the play occurred in.

P.S. Watch the video while you can, because history tells us that LeBron generally doesn't let videos of him being dunked on float around the web for that long.