This Interview With LeBron James At 16 Proves He Was Destined For Greatness

The focus and poise of LeBron James today doesn't seem much different than that which he showed at age 16.

An unearthed 2001 interview with the future NBA superstar catches James as a high school sophomore after his St. Vincent-St. Mary team won an Ohio state championship for the second straight year. And while he talks about wanting to win a third and a fourth, his eye is clearly on the prize: a pro career.

"Every day you’ve got to go out there and work because there’s someone out there working too," he told Ohio's 10TV. "And if you stop, I think they can pass you up. So every day my coaches push me, I push myself and my teammates push me."

Asked by Kirk Herbstreit what his goal was, James doesn't flinch. "To get to the NBA," he answered. Herbstreit then asked him if he wanted to be the best. "Yeah," the player said. We'd say that worked out pretty well for him.



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