LeBron James' Advice To Celebrities: Social Media Is 'Really Bad For You'

King James might be surprised at what some people are saying about him on Twitter.

Although LeBron James says he’s off social media during the NBA Finals, he might want to rethink his views with the Cleveland Cavaliers down by two games to the Golden State Warriors.

After the Cavs’ loss in Game 2 on Sunday, basketball fans were supportive of the Cleveland forward, pointing out that he needed more help from his teammates. 

But King James said in a news conference Saturday that social media can be a negative influence.

“If you’re a celebrity, then you realize it’s actually really bad for you if you pay attention to it,” the Bleacher Report quoted James as saying. “Like, if you really pay attention, there’s people out there that really try to tear you down. You have to realize that; one, you don’t know who they are; two, they don’t know what they’re talking about; three, they’ve never stepped in your shoes or been in the light to understand what it means to have to perform or whatever the case may be.” 

Check the video clip above.



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