LeBron James And Warren Buffett's Unlikely Friendship

Still, his NBA paychecks and his sponsors' largess isn't going to be enough to get him to the billion-dollar threshold. But despite not attending a day of college, James is good enough at math to understand that. That's why he's taking a different approach to wealth management.

Last year he sought out Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha and the world's second richest man.

James traveled to Omaha in September, just before the start of the NBA season, to have lunch with Buffett and his daughter. Buffett came to Cleveland in March to sit courtside as a guest of James at a Cavaliers-Nuggets game.

James also appeared in a video shown to Berkshire Hathaway (Charts) shareholders in May, with the two of them playing a mock one-on-one basketball game (with Buffett winning).

Exactly what the two have talked about, no one is saying.