LeBron James Begs Us All To Step Up And Stop The Violence

"We are all hurting tonight,” James said. “More violence is not the answer.”

In a week full of horrors, Thursday night brought its own sickening series of events, this time centered at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, Texas. Five police officers were killed as sniper shots rained down on what was supposed to be a peaceful event, with at least nine other people injured as well.

As the chaos and uncertainty hovering over Dallas this morning add to the pain still reigning in Louisiana and Minnesota, witnesses of these woes have increasingly voiced their frustration, fears and tears at the senseless, avoidable violence that’s plagued the country all week. And while since Tuesday a series of athletes have used their platforms to spread messages of peace and prayer, LeBron James added his two cents Thursday night, tweeting the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile along with a single plea in the wake of the Dallas tragedy.

“We are all hurting tonight,” James tweeted. “More violence is not the answer.”

James also said that he cried over this week’s shootings, tweeting a link to a Time article about Castile’s background ― about how, before his death, Castile had been a “role model for hundreds of children” through his job as a school cafeteria supervisor.   

Other athletes echoed James’ words, pleading for an end to the brutality.




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