LeBron James Has Personal DJ In His China Hotel Room (VIDEO)

King James is getting the royal treatment at the W Hotel in Guangzhou, China right now. In addition to giving him a sick suite with all of the amenities, the W has also given LeBron James access to his own personal 24/7 DJ. And LeBron is apparently put that particular perk to good use.

About 14 hours ago, LeBron posted a video of him listening to some tunes in his hotel room, courtesy of his DJ, to his Instagram page. And eight hours later, he put up another video to show that the DJ was still putting in work. What a life.

We don't know how we would feel about having some dude in our room playing music for us all day long. But fortunately, we'll never have to worry about it because, well, none of us are 1/1,000,000th as rich and famous as LeBron. Clearly, it's good to be King.

[via TMZ]

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