Twitter Drags LeBron James For Being A Fair-Weather Dodgers Fan

Critics reminded the Lakers star of his previous baseball team loyalties after he live-tweeted the Dodgers' Game 1 victory in the World Series.

LeBron James rooted hard for the Los Angeles Dodgers during their World Series Game 1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday. He live-tweeted shoutouts to the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts and winning pitcher Clayton Kershaw, writing that “the whole team was simply too damn good.”

But instead of being applauded for supporting another pro team in the city where he and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates now reign as NBA champions, the superstar got shaded.

Critics reminded the King that he has cheered for perhaps a few too many baseball teams over the years, changing allegiances the way he has changed teams in his NBA career.

In 2007, James, an Ohio native who was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the time, drew the ire of the locals sports faithful by wearing a Yankees hat to an Indians-Yankees playoff game.

But in 2016 James appeared to be fully behind the Indians in the World Series, wearing a “Cleveland or nowhere” T-shirt against the eventual winner Chicago Cubs.

Twitter took some swings at his fair-weather fandom. (And, yes, we know the photo of him in Cubs gear is because he lost a bet.)