LeBron James Dunks Off Gerald Henderson's Head: Basket Doesn't Count In Heat-Bobcats Game (VIDEO)

LeBron James delivered the sort of explosive performance that his been his signature on Wednesday night in Miami's one-point victory over Charlotte

In the second quarter, he thoroughly embarrassed Bobcats forward Derrick Brown with arguably the cleanest chase-down block we've ever seen by the two-time MVP. James has pulled off these blocks on fast breaks so many times that it's almost expected at this point in his career. But something unexpected happened later in the fourth quarter when James tried to throw down a thunderous one-handed dunk from the baseline. Charlotte's Gerald Henderson went up to block it and somehow, the ball went flying in the other direction resulting in a missed dunk.

Wait.. Watch that again.

The replay showed that James did in fact dunk it, but the ball came back through the hoop after bouncing off Henderson's head. Maybe that's the only way to block a LeBron dunk?

Anyways, the bucket didn't count even though the ball clearly went in. Fortunately for Miami, Dwyane Wade hit a game-winning shot in the final seconds to keep Miami undefeated. But had Wade missed that final shot, it seems like the Heat would have a legitimate complaint to make with the league.


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