LeBron James Is Well Aware Of The Memes Calling Him A Chronic Liar

The Lakers star was called out during a "TNF in The Shop" football telecast and came ready.

LeBron James isn’t ignoring the memes poking fun at his history of telling tall tales.

The Los Angeles Lakers star seemed to address the posts that circulated on Twitter earlier this month during Thursday’s broadcast of “TNF in The Shop,” an Amazon Prime telecast of “Thursday Night Football” that’s a crossover with James’ talk show “The Shop.”

Memes calling the NBA legend a serial fibber have circulated online for years, casting doubt on a number of his anecdotes, including one where James said he predicted a high-scoring outing from Kobe Bryant on the night of his historic 81-point game.

Other posts mocked the Lakers star for “lying” about seeing a Liverpool F.C. game, claiming he listened to Migos in 2010 before the rap group released any music, and claiming to have seen “The Godfather” six times but not being able to name a favorite line.

So when James claimed Thursday that he put Los Angeles Rams player Jalen Ramsey “on a blitz” when they played “Madden” together, Ramsey, who was also on the telecast, wasn’t having it.

“You know what they say on Twitter,” Ramsey said as he pointed to James.

“We were just talking about this the other day,” James replied with a smile. “I always keep it true, baby.”

You can watch the clip below.

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