LeBron James' Michael Jordan Tweet: 'I'm Not MJ, I'm LJ'

LeBron James is not Michael Jordan, says LeBron James.

The morning after setting an NBA record by scoring 30 or more points while shooting better than 60 percent from the field for the sixth straight game, the three-time MVP posted a short and sweet message on his Twitter account.

As James' output has increased, comparisons to Jordan have become more common. Standing 6' 8" and weighing in at 240 pounds, James certainly doesn't look like Jordan. But his recent run of dominance is certainly reminiscent of the manner that Jordan imposed his will on the league during a career that included six championships, 10 scoring titles and no equals.

"I think everyone has always been trying to find who is the next MJ," James said recently, via the Sun-Sentinel. "That's just how it's been since MJ stopped playing. Since his really, really dominant years, everyone is trying to find who was the next MJ. The comparison is great. I love it. But I'm who I am. Hopefully, the comparison will start, 'Who is the next LJ?' And not MJ."

While it's probably wise for James to not attempt a head-on assault of Jordan's legacy, it remains to be seen how Larry Johnson feels about being displaced as the game's preeminent "LJ."



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