LeBron James Becomes Part-Owner Of Boston Red Sox And Fans Razz Him For It

"I can't believe a guy that is always wearing a Yankees hat would become a part owner of the Boston Red Sox," one person wrote on Twitter.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James joined Fenway Sports Group, making him part-owner of the Boston Red Sox, ESPN reported Tuesday.

That would also make him a fair-weather fan, Twitter users pointed out, ribbing the NBA superstar for what seems to be his ever-shifting team allegiances.

At times, James has rocked the hat of the Yankees, the Boston team’s mortal enemy of which he is reportedly a follower. He also has cheered for his home state Cleveland Indians in full souvenir regalia, and for the Dodgers in his latest NBA city.

The dude isn’t a “fraud,” as some on social media called him. Just a baseball lover expanding his business empire and getting a stake in the majors.

But if you’re a Yankees diehard, a Bronx cheer wouldn’t be out of order.

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