LeBron James Upsets Baker: Miami Baker Accuses LeBron's Party Of Stiffing Her On $3000 Cake (VIDEO)

LeBron James may be the King of South Beach, but that doesn't mean that his subjects are happy to offer up their goods and service in tribute. This week, one Boca Raton-based baker has a bone to pick with the two-time NBA MVP.

According to the Miami Herald, Alethea Hickman, the owner of Passion For Pastry, was offered the opportunity to bake a special five-layer cake for James' 27th birthday party. In exchange for providing the extravagant cake on two day's notice, Hickman was promised a slice of the publicity -- but not payment -- that would come along with the shindig.

Hickman made the cake and even hired extra people to help her deliver it. But when photos were released from the party, she discovered that her cake had been replaced with one made by a competing bakery.

"Everything just sunk so I can't believe this is happening," Hickman told CBS 4 in Miami. "I don't get it. I was totally betrayed. They dissed something that was not easy to come up with. It’s very traumatic. I'm an artist. That was a masterpiece to me."

Clearly, someone in LeBron's camp did not agree. While it's doubtful that LeBron had any say in the cakes being replaced -- he likely had bigger things on his mind as he would propose to his longtime girlfriend at the party -- but the silent replacing of Hickman's expensive cake was most definitely in poor taste by the party organizers.

As for Hickman, well, it seems she got the publicity she was desiring from the exchange after all, although not in the manner she had hoped.

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