LeBron James Blocks Reporter's Question About COVID-19 Vaccine

The Lakers star played it close to the vest when asked if he plans to get immunized.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine one shot that Lakers star LeBron James won’t take?

When the NBA great was asked Sunday before the All-Star Game if he would get vaccinated and would encourage other players to do the same, he responded: “That’s a conversation that my family and I will have and pretty much keep that to a private thing.”

James has been vocal about many issues, including recent Republican lawmaker efforts to suppress Black voting. His noncommittal response on the coronavirus vaccine went viral as media outlets ran with it.

James’ apparent hesitation comes amid cries to increase Black access to the vaccines while health officials try to win the confidence of some African-Americans who question the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness after a history of medical racism

Fellow stars James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets and Donovan Mitchell, one of the first players to test positive last March, also said they were undecided on Sunday, the Deseret News reported.

Vaccinations are not mandatory for NBA players and will not be, Commissioner Adam Silver said earlier.

The league has posted pro-vaccine PSAs using some of its all-time greats, including Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but may not get James on their team for the cause.

“I think it’s all luck, man,” James said, per the Los Angeles Times. “I can’t sit here and tell you I’m an expert on this whole thing. It’s just luck. You have no idea how you can contract it or how you can get it. We know the cases, we know the studies, we hear the doctors and the things of that nature, and I’ve just tried to follow protocol as much as it’s been laid out to us.”

“I go to the facility. And I go home. And I go to the arena. And I go home.”

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